Remote control Netflix.

A helper utility to run the Netflix app fullscreen,
and control it with a Remote - for Windows

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What is Netflix Remote Controller?

Netflix Remote Controller allows you to control Netflix with a Remote Control

Why use Netflix Remote Controller?

control with your remote icon

Perfect for your TV experience

Control with your Remote. Perfect for your Windows-based HTPC, whether it runs Media Center, Kodi or another TV media solution.

start fullscreen icon

Start Netflix fullscreen on Windows 10

Works with the Netflix app from the Windows Store. Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 supported.

high-quality audio icon

High-quality Dolby Digital 5.1 audio

Auto-switches movies to high-quality 5.1 audio stream, rather than the default Stereo stream.

How does Netflix Remote Controller work?

Just run it.

This utility starts your existing Netflix windows app with remote-control capabilities.



Use your existing Windows remote.

Use the buttons on your remote listed in the Keys/Buttons section section to control Netflix, or customize to suit your needs.

Control Netflix from your couch

Lay back and surf with your remote.


Here are some built-in features!

  • audio video chat

    Navigate the Netflix Windows app

    With a remote control or keyboard.

  • user focus


    Starts Netflix app fullscreen on Windows 10.

  • user presence

    Multi-resolution & DPI zoom compatibility

    For the ultimate 10ft couch experience.

  • text chat

    Dolby Digital 5.1 audio

    Automatically enable the high-quality audio stream in Netflix.

  • co browsing

    Select Season/Episode, and FFwd/Rewind playback

    Change Season/Episode in a series' Detail view using remote.

  • real time sync

    Switch profiles

    Switch back-and-forth between your existing Netflix profiles.

Download Netflix Remote Controller today!